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Load Shedding - A zero downtime retrofit installation

End User: Major UK Bank

Location: City of London

A major revamp of the load shedding was needed in this building, due to the current building load far exceeding the original design criteria. The existing system was in situ and was controlling the majority of the LV breakers in the building. The incumbent system was not being well supported by the original supplier and the client wanted a change of control philosophy as well as a greater flexibility.

A design was proposed whereby a new load shedding system would be installed "over the top" of the existing system, with the option to switch back if necessary. The new system was installed out of normal working hours on custom back plates mounted on the doors of the existing PLC enclosures. The control of the breakers was migrated one at a time form the old system to the new.

The new system is an Active Load Control system which measures the current building loads and manages the connected loads in order to maximise building availability in the case of a power failure. The priority of the loads is set by the user from a large HMI, which also show the status of the controlled loads and all system diagnostics.

A series of fall back scenarios are implemented that allow the system to continue to operate even in the event of a failure of the power monitoring. This system has enabled this critical building to be operational until the fundamental issues of building load can be addressed.


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